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Book Review:002- The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


My friend and I have our finals in a week, we spent 3 hours clicking 70 different versions of the featured image for my Instagram account. Productivity at its best. But, productivity is a capitalist concept along with valentine’s day, which is a corporate scam, cancel that shit bro. Sorry, got kinda deviated.

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My Fictional Bucket List. Part:1

20200205_180038_0000.pngHellllllooooooo! I’m not as excited as you might feel. So, amazing things happened very recently, by which I mean horrible. It started off with me attending this MUN, which was honestly one of the worst experiences of my life, I love MUN-ing, so this, is saying something, there was a 3 hour discussion on whether or not they can amend the rules of procedure followed by two days of extremely directionless debate and finally to a very failed committee. To top it off, we got the timetable for our annual exam, and exams are starting in less than a month, which led to a situation where I was down a spiral contemplating every wrong decision I have ever made.

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Book Review:001- Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie


Hola amigos! Whaddup guys? I have had a pretty productive weekend, I finished 2 projects. That’s it. Doesn’t sound like a lot? Tell that to my room, which hasn’t been swept for 2 days because the floor was covered with papers. Now it’s covered with pencil and eraser shavings, a random cardboard box that had a muffin in it and my house keys, I went out and got the keys inside by mistake, and I conveniently forgot to keep it in the key stand(?)(that can’t be the right word).

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